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Ceasefire in Korean War (1953)
Change of leaders in bother the USA and the USSR meant that talks could finally reach a
conclusion. The new soviet leadership put pressure on North Korea's Kim Il Sung to reach an

East German Uprising (1953)
Ulbricht's policies were too harsh, the…

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and Eisenhower, marked an end to the hostility.
Khrushchev proposed a reunification of Germany as long as it stayed neutral. USA needed
West Germany as it was essential to their defence of Western Europe against the East.
Khrushchev also wanted NATO and the Warsaw pact dismantled and replaced with a…

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Eisenhower scheduled a return visit to the Soviet Union in 1960.
However, there were signs of tension as Eisenhower was unimpressed by Khrushchev. Also,
Khrushchev pushed for an immediate summit on Berlin, but was frustrated when French
president Charles de Gaulle postponed until 1960.

The U-2 Spy Place Incident (May…


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