Primary and secondary effects of an earthquake

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  • Earthquake Primary and Secondary Effects
    • Primary Effects
      • Buildings and homes destroyed and bridges collapsed
      • People are injured or killed by collapsing buildings and falling debris
      • Roads, Railways, Ports and airports are damaged meaning people cannot be evacuated easily
      • Electricity cables, gas and water pipes and communication networks are cut off meaning a shortage of supplies
    • Secondary Effects
      • Earthquakes can be the cause of landslides and tsunamis destroying more buildings and causing more injuries and deaths
      • Leaking gas pipes could be ignited which can start fires
      • People are left homeless and without supplies meaning there could be more deaths because of the cold weather
      • Shortage of clean water means that there is a lack of sanitation which makes it easier for disease to spread
      • Blocked roads due to the debris means the emergency services and the aid that the people need may be unable to get to them
      • Businesses destroyed causing unemployment and the loss of income which means that tourists could be put off to go there
      • Reconstruction can be very expensive which could weaken the countries economy


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