Pride's Purge

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  • Pride's Purge 6 December 1648
    • A treaty would now isolate the Army. It could fight, but would have no political support.
    • If Parliament made peace with the King on the basis of the Newport proposals, the Army's victories would have been pointless. The King would have lost the war and won the peace.
    • The Army's victories in the Second Civil War were seen as a sign from God that He had 'owned' the Army and its cause.
    • The collapse of the Independent party meant that the Army's interests were no longer being protected by Parliament
    • The Army could justify it's actions by new (and old) resistance theories:
      • from Ireton's remonstrance of 16 November
      • from the Levellers' Agreement of the People
      • from the Bible. The Old Testament is full of kings who were overthrown because they made God angry.
    • The Army rank and file were threatening another revolt.
    • The Levellers were pressing for a radical settlement. The second Agreement of the People was published nine days after the Purge.


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