4.3.5 - ICT Security Policies - Prevention of Accidental Misuse

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  • Prevention of Accidental Misuse
    • Grandfather, Father, Son Systems
      • If backups are made daily, a copy is kept for each day in the past week, then one backup is kept for each week before that, then one backup for each month before that. The hierarchy can continue further back if the business sees this as worthwhile
      • This system ensures that you can restore a backup from weeks ago without having to keep every media
    • Standard Backups to Floppy Disc
      • Other options than floppy disc are:
        • Optical - DVD and Blue-ray etc.
        • Magnetic tape
        • Zip Drive
        • Hard drives (often USB)
        • USB stick or drive
      • Key issues for selecting media are:
        • Speed of backup and restore
        • Portability
        • Flexibility
        • Storage capacity
    • RAID Systems
      • Using a stack of 5 identical disks, all files are saved twice on different disks to ensure that if one disk fails, a copy of the file remains
      • Redundant Array of Inexpensive and Independent Disks
    • Backup and Recovery Procedures
      • Backups need to be scheduled so a business only loses data which is not critical
      • Storage - preferably offsite in a fire proof safe
      • Companies may use cloud storage - backing up online
      • Backup is a mundane   process but not doing it can result in going out of business
      • Of companies who lose data, 29% of them are out of business within 2 years
      • Accidents happen and whole files can be deleted in error so procedures need to allow for this
    • Backup Program Files
      • Most software packages are stored on servers as installation packages that can be rolled out to a network instantly
        • It is easier for a company to backup these packages in the same way as user files
          • These are unlikely to change so backups may be infrequent
      • If program files are commercially available software then a replacement for the software can be purchased, whilst the licence for multiple users will remain in place, even if the paperwork has been lost as the software provider would have a copy
      • Custom written software may only exist within a company
        • Particular care must be taken to backup such software, however it is stored
      • User's files are often discussed for backup


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