Prejudice and dicrimination

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  • Prejudice and dicrimination
    • prejudice=When you pre-judge someone
    • Discrimination=Where prejudice is put into action.
      • Positive dicsrimination=People are treated differently but it is beneficial to them.
        • Illiminates dis advantages
        • e.g. Disabled parking spaces
        • E.g. Special needs students getting extra time in exams.
    • Types of Prejudice
      • Racism=To discriminate against people because of their colour or race
      • Religious prejudice= Events such as 9/11 resulted in increased religious prejudice among people blaming Muslims for the attack. Also some people may find it difficult to gain time off work for religious festivals or prayer.
      • Gender(sexism)=Treating people unfairly because of their gender.. It is illegal. Women are the usual target.
      • Ageism=Against the law. Leads to discrimination for example older people struggle to get jobs because employers think that they are incapable of doing things.
      • Disability=Discrimination can occur against people with a disability in the workplace or when they are denied access to services.
    • The Stephen Lawrence case
      • People are often subjected to racist abuse or attacked because of their race.
      • In April 1993, Lawrence was stabbed to death in London, he was a black teenager.
    • The police, armed forces, prison service and even the church have been accused of deep seated racism.
    • Women
      • In the Church
        • Often been seen as inferior, this has been based on a teaching in the bible: 'Women should not address the meeting. They have no license to spea...It is a shocking thing that a women should address the comgregation'
        • Women are now able to become ministers but NOT priests.
      • Islam
        • Although men and women are considered equal but have different roles.


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