Prejudice and Discrimination

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Key Terms

Ageism - discrimination on the grounds of being old, middle aged or young (age)

Community - people who work and live together so that everyone benefits.

Discrimination - putting prejudice thoughts into action

Equality - where everyone has the same value and importance

Harmony - to live peacefully with understanding and respect

Homophobia - discrimintation on the grounds of sexuality (gay and lesbian people)

Justice - to treat people fairly

Positive Discrimination - benefits given to those who usually face negative discrimination

Prejudice - pre-judge someone without evidence (negative thought)

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Key Terms

Racism - dicrimination on the grounds of colour of skin (race)

Religious Prejudice - prejudice on the grounds of faith or belief which can lead to discrimination

Sexism - discrimination on the grounds of being male or femaile (gender or sex)

Tolerance - to accept people's differences

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Useful Terms

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Christian Teachings

God created us all as equal.

'There is neither Jew or genitle,slave or free man, male or female. We are all one in Christ'

Do to others as you would want others to do to you

Jesus said love your neighbour

In the story of the good samaritan, the man is helped because he needs it, not because of who he was or wasn't

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Islamic Teachings

Difference was Allah's design so persecution is unjustified

Allah loves the fair minded

The five pillars apply to all

Muhhammed (pbuh) allowed a black african man to do the call to prayer

In Madinah all were welcome regardless of wealth, status or creed

The muslim declaration of human rights states all people are equal

On Hajj everyone is equal in dress and action

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