Powers of the PM

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  • Power's of the PM
    • 1) Patronage
      • appointing gov posts
      • cresting supporting life peers
      • offering honours in the honour system
    • 2) Control of the system
      • appointing, dismissing and promoting people to ministerial posts
      • creating government departments
      • chairing cabinet meetings
      • setting the agenda
    • 3) Policy  making
      • writes the Queen's speech to set out the legislative agenda
      • can push departments to follow a particular course
      • sets the overall tone for government action
    • 4) Party leadership
      • as leader of the largest party, PM's usually control a majority of MP's and therefore parliament
      • unifying the party can create an elective dictatorship
    • 5) Public image
      • a popular PM with a strong public image will have more authority over their part and parliament
      • reputation carries a lot of weight in national and innternational negotiations


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