Prime minister, cabinet & ministers

  • The executive
  • Prime minister
  • The cabinet
  • Ministers & civil servants

Prime minister

  • The PM is the most important figure in the UK political system
  • Cheif executive
  • PMs must be MPs,they sit in the Commons
  • They are party leader (callaghan 1976, Major 1992, Brown 2007) when you lose your leadership you are removed (Thatcher 1990, Blair 2007) 
  • Party majority in the Commons. Most PMs come to power as a result of general election victories. 
  • 2010- 'hung' parliament, conservatives were 19 votes short of an overall majority. The queen asked Cameron to form a government, this occurred on the basis of a deal w/ the liberal democrats to form a coalition government
  • The PM is the 'first among equals'- the first primary representatives of government, all members in the cabinet had an equal influence over decisions
  • The PM makes governments: the PM appoints all other members of the government. This power to 'hire and fire' extends to the cabinet & to other ministers & gives the PM control over the careers of his/ her MPs & peers
  • The PM directs government policy:the PM sets the overall direction of government policy & defines its strategic goals. The PM can interfere in any aspect of policy .
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Prime minister

  • The PM manages the cabinet system: he/ she chairs cabinet meetings , determines their number & their length & also sets up staff cabinet meetings
  • The PM organises government: PMs are responsible for the structure & organisation of government. 
  • The PM controls parliament: as leader of the largest party in the Commons, the PM effectively controls the lower chamber & throgh it parliament itself.The control may be limited in the event of a 'hung' parliament
  • The PM provides national leadership: The PMs authority is largely based on being elected by the people.
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The cabinet

  • a committee of the leading members of the government
  • the cabinet meet once a week
  • kitchen cabinet: 
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