Powers of the Prime Minister

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  • Powers of the Prime Minister
    • Developing of the party
      • As leader of the country and the party in Parliament, the PM has significant, if not ultimate power to introduce / decide on policies
    • Dissolution
      • This power no longer exists
      • It used to be that PM's could choose the day of the next election.
        • David Cameron changed this to a fixed 5 year date
    • Power of Appointment
      • The PM can suggest possible Lords and the the House of Lords Appointment Commission choose them
    • Cabinet Chairperson
      • The PM sets the agenda for Cabinet meetings
      • This means he can choose who speaks in the meeting and when
        • If a Cabinet Minister supports a new policy then they will probably let them speak first.
    • International Spokesperson
      • If a PM makes a good agreement on a worldwide scale e.g: a world peace agreement, they are more likely to be popular at home


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