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  • Poverty
    • deserving poor: poor by misfortune, can't be helped
    • undeserving poor: lazy, beggars who beg despite being able to work
    • vagabonds
      • Clapper dudgeon:arsenic on skin, bandages
      • angler: stole clothes from washing line with long stick
      • doxy: carried bag to hide stolen items, knitting while begging
      • counterfeit crank: swallowed soap, pretended to fit
    • Worries
      • Charity
        • Landowners used to help, couldn't afford any more
      • Crime
        • begging
        • stealing
      • Idleness
        • seen as sin, vagabonds chose not to work
      • Disease
        • Believed to be spread by beggars, often fatal
      • Scaremongering
        • Exaggerated writings scared public
      • Social Order
        • Didn't fit into society, scared upper class, had not control
    • 1572 The Vagabonds Act
      • Children of convicted beggars put into service
      • Beggars over 14, whipped and burnt in right ear
      • Vagabonds returned to place of birth, then sent to prison
      • Poor tax raised for elderly and sick, kept by local justices
      • Record kept of poor in area
    • 1576: Act for the relief of the poor
      • towns required to find work for able-bodied poor
        • Those who refused sent to a house of correction


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