Why did Liberal Government introduce reforms

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  • Why did Liberal Government introduce reforms to help the young, old and unemployed?
    • Changing attitudes
      • most of the 19th century, most people believed that people were poor because they wasted their money
      • By 1900, public opinions were changin
      • They believed the government should give some help to the poor
        • Instead of leaving it to charities
    • Social  reformers
      • Charles Booth carried out research into poverty London
        • He published seventeen volumes from 1889 to 1902
      • Seebohm Rowntree studied poverty and its causes in York
        • Published a report in 1901
      • Both researchers found that 28- 31% of the population lived under the poverty line
        • Poverty line meant being unable to afford decent housing, food, clothing, health care or even luxury such as a newspaper


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