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  • Poverty
    • The Problem of the Poor
      • poverty in Elizabeth's reign
        • more than 80% of money on bread
        • being unemployed/ ill
        • unable to afford rising cost of food
        • needing financial help
      • types of poor
        • widows/ abandoned women
        • sick & elderly
        • orphaned children
        • people on low wages
        • itinerants, vagrants & vagabonds
      • Reasons for poverty
        • Population growth (3 million to 4 million)
          • increasing demand for land (people need more land due to population)
          • growth in towns (rent & food costs rose)
        • Bad harvest
        • economic recession
        • sheep farming (growth of wool trade)
          • enclosure (land divided up = denial of use of common land)
    • Changing Attitudes
      • poverty--> disorder= rebellion
      • poverty became more visible
      • change to economic circumstances= constructive attitudes toward poor
      • types of poor
        • deserving/ impotent poor (those who couldn't help themselves)
        • idle poor (those who could work but chose not to)
      • poor should be given chance to better themselves
      • many were suspicious of the poor= demonised them


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