Postmodernist view

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  • Postmodernism
    • modernity
      • national state manages own economy
      • heavily industrial lifelong jobs
      • predictable identity
      • rationalisation and disenchantment
      • science is a good force
    • postmodernism
      • national state replaced by globalisation (EU)
      • lack of faith in meta narratives
      • science causes social problems (pollution)
      • hyper- reality
      • wider consumer choice
      • consumption, media is major source of identity
    • Foucault
      • unstable, fragmented, media saturated world
      • media and reality are indistinguishable
      • cant be sure knowledge is correct therefore cant be used to improve society
    • Lyotard
      • we should celebrate diversity
      • prevents monopoly of truth
      • allows marginalised to have their views heard
    • Baudrillard
      • now theres a buying and selling of knowledge through images and signs
      • knowledge based on symbols which aren't based in reality
      • media results in a fragmented culture which undermines faith and meta narratives
    • Giddens alternative- late modernity
      • disembedding
        • able to interact w/o face to face
      • reflexivity
        • as tradition no longer tells us how to act we have to reflect on our actions
    • Becks risk society
      • rapid social change and globalisation
      • man made risks
      • led to an attempt to make the world better
    • Marxist theories
      • flexible accumulation led to diversity and instablitiy
        • lesuire supports rich
      • society will have changed for the better when the WC overthrow
    • evaluation
      • philo and miller
      • ignores power and inequality
      • those in poverty don't have the power to change
      • self defeating
      • pessimistic


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