Postcard to wife

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  • Postcard to his wife
    • 'Improverishment' = been reduce/ lessen by the lose.
    • 'Dulcamara'= bitter sweet, night shade.
    • 'Wish you were here'.= seen as cliché but packed with emotional meaning
    • Themes: Love, Relationships, time+its passing, death.
    • Overview: Intense longing, doesn't dwell in self pity. Wrote after wife died in car crash. Emotional impact.
    • 'Venus de Milo'= perfect representation of beauty. Rome god of love.
      • 'Only stone'= life lost meaning of beauty.
    • Stanza 2: would do anything to have her back.
    • 'The beds too big!'= lonely, longing for her.
    • 'where hedges have wild business with roses and clematis'= sex intertwined.
    • Last line: Changes cliché, cant love her anymore as he misses her too much.
    • 'Uxorious'= intense/excessive love between husband+wife.


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