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Themes in Larkin and Abse poems.

Mr Bleaney The Death Of Aunt Alice
DEATH. An Arundel Tomb My Cousin The Soldier
Nothing To Be Said Cousin Sidney
Love Songs In Age Postcard To His Wife
LOVE AND Afternoons Blond Boys

Wild Oats
An Arundel Tomb…

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Themes in Larkin and Abse poems.

Here A Figure Of 8
SOCIETY Toads Revisited
The Whitsun Weddings
Sunny Prestatyn
Mr Bleaney
Naturally The Foundation Will Bear The Story of Lazurus
WAR Your Expenses My Cousin, the Soldier
MCMXIV Terrible Angels

Home Is So Sad Sons
PARENTS AND Dockery And…

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Themes in Larkin and Abse poems.

Home is so Sad Two Photographs
CONJURING UP THE MCMXIV Last Visit to 198 Cathedral Road
PAST Dockery and Son

At Ogmorebysea this August Evening
On the Coast Road


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