Post telegraphic stage

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  • Post-Telegraphic Stage
    • Function Words
      • Determiners
      • Prepositions
      • Pronouns
      • Auxiliary Verbs
    • Sentence Complexity
      • The child will be generally talking in full sentences
      • They may use complex sentence structures as well as compound sentence structure
    • Verbs and tense
      • Children may still sometimes make virtuous errors over irregular verbs, but less so
      • You will notice a range of tenses; they will use the past, present and future tense
    • Other things to look out for...
      • Using negatives often contracted, with the auxiliary 'do' e.g. 'I don't want to go', not 'I not want go'
      • Using a range of pronouns, including subject/object pronouns correctly
      • Using comparative and superlative adjectives such as 'wider' or 'nicest'
      • Using morphemes: e.g.  'untie my shoes' 'unhappy' 'downstairs' 'upstairs'
      • Using adverbs


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