Poppies by Jane Weir 

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  • Poppies by Jane Weir
    • Form and Structure
      • like a story- changing between past/present
      • 4 stanzas to represent moving forward
      • caesura -end of emotion, break in speech
      • end conflicts between past and present
      • no rhyme scheme
      • written in the 1st person
      • direct adress
      • one persons point of view only
    • Context
      • born in 1963 and lived in England, Ireland and Italy during the 1980s
      • dramatic monologue from a mothers perspective
      • all from a mothers perspective of loss
      • mourning but a dramatic monologue
      • part of a collection, commissioned, 10 war poems
      • not real by how she may feel if her sons were fighting
    • Emotions
      • tried not to cry when son left for war/ school?
      • emotions offer no support or protection
      • bandaged represents how hurt the mother/ reflecting the wounded
      • longing/ love/ loss
      • overflow and confusion of emotions
      • hurt and pain
      • isolation
    • Past and Present
      • recalling memories
      • wants him to stay a child
      • imagines his school blazer
      • no present language
      • no handle on her past memories
      • intimate all the way through
      • always sandness but has an element of happiness and chiild like thoughts
    • Language
      • emotive
      • war language
      • "disrupting a blockade"
      • "spasms"
      • "without reinforcements"
      • "flattened, rolled, turned into felt"
      • "you were away, intoxicated"
      • "released a songbird from its cage"
      • childish language
    • Conflicts
      • domestic conflict
      • violence
      • home and war imagery
      • school and war
      • chaotic emotions, not in control
      • war and domestic conflicts
      • vulnerability


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