Poppies by Jane Weir Key Quotes

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  • Poppies by Jane Weir
    • No regular rhyme and enjambment  to give the impression of a memory
    • Caesura shows her attempt to try to hold her emotions together
    • "Sellotape bandaged" - war imagery, she's emotionally wounded but her son could be too
    • "steeled the softening" - alliterative metaphor , she's trying to be brave, steel made into a verb
    • "blackthorns of your hair" - allude to Jesus who wore a crown of thorns when he was crucified, sacrifice, close to death
    • "world overflowing like a treasure chest" - simile, son's perspective, full of precious experiences
    • Symbolism: "a single dove" - mourning/ peace"Poppies"- death/violence/memory/bravery
    • "my stomach busy making tucks, darts, pleats" - sewing imagery, nervousness, physical anxiety
    • "hoping to hear" - alliteration, echoes, straining to hear him
    • "intoxicated" - contrasts with son's excitement, hints at lack of control, giving up control of his life by joining the army







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