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Jane Weir-

  • born in 1963
  • grew up in Italy and Northern England
  • English mother and Italian father
  • absorbed different cultural experiences throughout her life
  • lived in Northern Ireland during the troubled 1980's
  • has won several prizes and has also written books
  • runs her own textile and design business

Subject Matter

  • set in the present day but reaches to the beginning of the Poppy Day tradition
  • Armistice Sunday began as a way of marking the end of the First World War in 1918
  • set up so people could remember the thousands of ordinary men who had been killed in the First World War
  • today used to remember soldiers of all wars who have died since then
  • when Poppies was written, British soldiers were still dying in Iraq and Afghanistan
  • to understand the suffering that deaths caused, the poet laureate asked a number of writers to compose poems, including Jane Weir

Form and structure

  • appears to have a strong, regular sense of form
  • four clear stanzas
  • great deal of movement within this regular form
  • 19/35 lines have breaks in the middle of lines


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