UK Democratic system


UK Democratic system


  • free and fair elections: little fraud, proportional system in Scotland, free to vote after 18
  • widespread participation, we aren't only allowed to vote as we have access to free E-democracy with petitions and emailing MP's and free pressure group events
  • judiciary is independent from the govt and we have HRA
  • free press with a range of views and opinions, free internet access and freedom of information act
  • we can hold mp's accountable


  • the PM, house of lords or monarchy isn't elected
  • first past the post is disproportionate and unfair
  • participation crisis (only 68% voted in 2017)
  • the system favors the large party's
  • allows for elective dictatorship i.e tony Blair in 1997 with 418 seats meant he could pass what he wanted easily and some argued the prevention of terrorism act in 2005 breaks human rights
  • press is bias and often misleading or illegal (newspaper hacked the phone of a dead teenage girl) owners of newspapers have political agendas Paul dacre owns daily mail and is openly right wing


the UK system is a two party system with significant flaws


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