Participation and voting behaviour keyterms

What is the definition of democracy?
Rule by the people or 'people power'. The term originates from the Greek word Demokratia - a union of demos (meaning people) and kratos (meaning power)
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Definition of the Trustee Model?
An individual who has formal responsibility for the interests of another (in law, this will often mean property)
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What is differential turnout?
Where the national turnout figure recorded at an given elections masks differences in turnout by constituency or region
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Definition of Mass media?
The means of communication that reachs large numbers of people in a short time, such as television, newspapers, magazines and radio.
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What is a by-election?
an election held between general elections to fill a seat that has become vacent because of the resignation, expulsion or death of an elected representative.
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Define constituency?
A geogrpahical area represetned by a single MP
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Define Manifesto
A document in which a party sets out its policy programme at an election
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Define Socialisation
The process by which individuals aquire their values and beliefs
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What is class dealignment?
The decline in the relationship between social class and voting
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What is floating voters?
Voters without a strong attachment to a particular party, who may switch their vote from election to election
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What is the ration choice model?
An approach to the study of politics that focuses on the actions of rational individuals who persue their own interests.
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What is issue voting?
The perspective that claims that people compare party policies and vote for the party whose position is closest to their own.
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What are opinion polls?
An activity in which many people are asked the same questions in order to find out what people think about something
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What is tradition participation?
Electoral and party membership
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Define a Core vote
Voters who feel a strong attachment to a political party and vote for it in an election after election.
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Define Partian dealignment
The decline in strong voter identifacation with political parties
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What is political participation
An activity that shapes, affects, or involves the poltical sphere; it can range from casting a ballot, to sharing on social media.
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What is political apathy?
A state of passivity or indifference towards political institutions and their associated processes - linked to a decline in political participation
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Define Hapathy
Hapathy is the idea that voters may abstain from voting as a result of happiness with (as opposed to indifference towards) the way in which they are being governed
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What is justice?
Fair treatment and due reward; moral fairness
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What is Political culture?
The ideas, beliefs and attitudes that shape politicl behaviour within a given election
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Define Homogenity
Belief in common heritage shared by citizens - a sense of identity that bridged any differences.
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Define consensus
Citizens accept/agree on the basic rules of society, e.g tolerance, peacefulness.
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Define Deference
Natural willingness to accept a social hierachy, wherein a class 'born to rule' goverened the country
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What is a digital native?
a person born or brought up during the age of digital technology and so familiar with computers and the Internet from an early age.
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Definition of the Trustee Model?


An individual who has formal responsibility for the interests of another (in law, this will often mean property)

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What is differential turnout?


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