Policies to reduce unemployment

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  • Policies to reduce unemployment
    • National Labour Service (RAD)
      • Started by Weimar Government and continued by the Nazis
      • From July 1935, it was compulsory for all men aged 18-25 to serve 6 months on this
      • Many hated the RAD: pay was low, long hrs and boring work
    • Why Hitler wanted to get people working
      • Unemployed were dangerous politically - poor & hungry then they would turn to political parties for help
      • Unemployed were believed by the Nazis to be a burden on society and a waste of valuable resources
    • Job creation schemes - construction projects
      • Public buildings
      • Sports facilities - stadium for the Berlin Olympics, 1936.
      • 7000 km of motorways connecting up the country
    • Rearmament
      • Nazis provided jobs through building up their stockpile of arms - TofV had restricted this, but this provided many jobs
    • Invisible unemployment
      • Government figures showed that this was falling, but didn't include:
        • Jews being forced out of jobs
        • Women being dismissed or leaving their jobs
        • Unmarried men under 25 doing RAD
        • Opponents of the regime who were sent to concentration camps
      • Dropped from 4.8 million in 1933 to 0.3 million in 1939


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