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  • Pluralist multiculturalism
    • arises from liberal tradition but has developed beyond it
        • Society: made up of a number of distinct groups
          • Groups can be of any nature
            • ETHNIC
            • RELIGIOUS
            • LINGUISTIC
            • AGE
            • All have SAME WORTH so deserve same access to
              • POLITICAL POWER
              • EDUCATION
                • as everyone else
                  • ECONOMIC PROSPERITY
                  • POLITICAL POWER
        • No single route to an ideal life/form of society
          • criticized as being 'moral relativism'
            • aka (absence of any absolute standards by which to judge behavior)
            • leads to any act being seen as legitimate, even if it violates the views of the overwhelming majority of the rest of society
            • implies liberal values of Western society - no longer have universal application
              • Thus liberal values will have to exists as just another value system competing against other authoritarian ideologies
    • Human societies are far too complex to have one unique set of universal values
      • argued by Professor Parekh
        • similar to Burkes image of society being made up of distinct 'small platoons'
          • groups with their own history, rights & identity
    • In South America liberal values (incld. property rights) have been criticsed as INSTRUMENTS used to MAINTAIN the rule of narrow, autocratic eleites
      • these are the agents of American and European business interests which have entered an alliance to oppress the majority of the people
        • Liberation for the opressed means the overthrown of these universal values which have been hypocritically used to legitimize centuries of repression & dictatorship
          • EG: Bosnian Rev in Venezula
            • They claim inspiration from and legitimacy for traditions that predate liberalism
              • This is a campaign for pluralist multiculturalism on a continental scale
    • Can identify 'particularlist' multicultalism
      • diversity involves UNEQUAL power
        • This inequality must be addressed
          • Leads to supporting 'affirmative action'
      • A way to formulate a theory of minority rights on a general & global scale


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