THe lost son

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  • 1. A man had two sons, the younger asked for his share of the inheritance.
    • The Parable of the Lost Son
      • 2. The younger son set off to a far away land and lost all his money having a good time
      • 3. Soon after there was a famine in the country and he hired himself out to a citizen
      • 4.  He started by feeding pigs he was so hungry and he longed to eat the pig's food  but they wouldn't let him
        • Pigs were  considered religiously unclean and working with them would have been an emotional and religious low
      • 5.  He then realised that his father's servants were in a better state than him
        • This parable was aimed at the Pharisees
      • 6. He decided to say to his father: i have   sinned against heaven and against you, i am no longer worthy to be your son
        • The younger son's return represents the need for all humans to repent
      • 7. But his father ran up to him wen he saw him and hugged him. His father then told the servants to put a ring on his finger, kill the fattened calf, put sandals on his feet and  bring the best robe.
        • The father represents God who forgives sinners
        • The Feast symbolises joy in the kingdom of God
      • 8. They rejoiced because his dead son was now alive, he was lost and now found
      • 9. The elder son, who had been working in the field, was angry when he found out about his brother, he said he had never had a party or even a goat
        • Like the elder brother, the pharisees worked hard and were proud, but it never made them happy and were unsure if God accepted them.
        • The Pharisees are unable to be generous to those who have fallen short to the law's demands
      • 10. The father then said that he had continually enjoyed everything, it was appropriate to celebrate the return of the younger son
    • The younger son represents sinners or outcasts of society


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