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    • dualist- 2 realities
      • world of forms
        • where soul existed before birth
        • innate knowledge
        • immutable
      • physical world
        • now
        • just see concepts of things
    • analogy of the cave
      • cave
        • body-preventing thinking philosophical thoughts
      • prisoners
        • society
      • shadows
        • what we think is real but is only images
      • puppeteers
        • government? keeping us from the truth
      • escaped prisoner
        • philosopherwho discovers the truth
      • outside the cave
        • world of forms- true images
      • sun
        • form of the good
    • arguments
      • concepts (beauty) are instinctive we just recognise it
        • love and beauty are just concepts in someones mind
          • weird to have the soul exist separate from the body and to have senses!
      • ideas in the mind are independent of experience of the physical world
        • ideas are passed on from person to person and if an idea is not told it dies with the person
          • knowledge is based on experience
      • are there forms of everything?including what plato didn't see-moblie phone
        • plato is not concerned with material objects-more truth and good.




thanks for this :D

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