Plant Structure and Photosynthesis

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  • Plant Structure
    • Plant Cells are organised
      • Plants are made of organs like stem, roots and leaves
      • Leaves are made off
        • 1)Mesophyll tissue-this is where most of the photosynthesis in plants happens
        • 2)Xylem and phloem-theu transport things like water, mineral ions and sucrose around the plant
        • 3)Epidermal tissue-this covers the whole plant
    • Carbon dioxide + water   =  glucose and oxygen
    • Photosynthesis produces glucose using sunlight
      • Its the process that produces 'food' in plants and algae, and the food is glucose
      • It happens inside the chloroplasts
      • Chloroplasts contain a green substance called chlorophyll, which absorbs sunlight and uses energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose
      • It happens in the leaves of all green plants


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