plant reproduction

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  • plant reproduction
    • parts of flower
      • sepals- protects the flower
      • petals- brightly coloured to attract insects
      • stamen - male part of the flower
        • anther- produces male sex cells ( pollen grains)
        • filament-holds up the anther
      • nectary-creates nectar which attracts insects
      • female part of the plant (carpels)
        • stigma- collects pollen grains ( male sex cells )
          • sticky
        • ovules- contains the ovary
          • ovary-produces female sex cells
    • fertilisation
      • pollen grows pollen tube to ovule
        • nucleus of pollen goes through tube
          • fertilizes the ovule nucleus to make a seed
      • fertilized ovule -embryo
      • after the female parts become fruits
      • the seeds
        • embryo- young plant with shoot
        • food store - provides food for developing plant
        • seed coat- a protective covering
    • pollination
      • insects carry pollen
        • attracted to nectar and bright petals
      • winds carry's pollen
      • lands on the stigma of another flower
      • self polination
    • dispersal
      • so baby seeds don't have to fight for resources
      • the wind
        • specifically shaped
      • animals
        • seeds are eaten and excreted elsewhere
        • stick to animals fur
      • self propelled- the pop open shooting away from plant


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