GCSE Biology B3 - Plant defences and uses of chemicals from plants

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  • Plant Defences
    • Types of pests and pathogens
      • Plant pests - weeds can compete for resources
      • Fungal pests- they cause diseases
      • Animal pests- animals often cause damage to plants by eating them or trampling on them
      • Insect pests- insects such as the greenfly eat plants and can spread diseases
    • Responses to pests and pathogens
        • Cyanogen is a chemical which produces hydrogen cyanide when eaten
        • We can use some of these plant chemicals for medicinal use
          • Quinine, produced by the cinchona tree, can be used to treat malaria
          • Digoxin, produced by foxgloves, lowers heart rate and can be used to treat heart disease
          • Aspirin, from Willow Trees,  is a pain-killer. It can also reduce fever and even blood clotting.
      • LOCATION
        • Some plants locate themselves where predators can't reach
    • When one plant is attacked, they release chemicals so nearby plants can prepare for attack


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