plan a campaign for change relating to crime

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  • Plan a campaign for change relating to crime
    • Aims
      • what you hope to achieve.You may seek to change funding, to change a policy or to change people's awareness of an issue.
    • Objectives
      • SMART- specific, measurable,achievable,relevant and time bound.Objectives must be something you are able to do and it should be closely linked to your aims.
    • Justifying your choice of campaign
      • you need to list all the reasons why this crime might not be reported. What are the consequencesof the lack of reporting this crime?
        • how this type of crime is portrayed in the media? Find police recorded crime statistics.Noteany real life examples of the crime in your campaign.
    • Your target audience
      • Your campaign will be aimed at a particular group of people. Explain why your audience is relevant to your campaign.
    • Methods and materials
      • your choice of materials will depend of your target audience. Which materials are you going to use , leaflets, websites?
    • Finances
      • work out the cost of any campaign materials you intend to use.How will you raise money?you may use fundraising.
    • Timescales
      • this links to the time bound element. You need to work out how much time you are going to need for each of the stages of your campaign.
        • you need to allocate sufficient time for planning and research; design;materials;implementation.




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