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  • Steffensmeier, 1978/80, "The Nature of Female Offending"
    • a gendered theory
      • differences in the way men and women lead their lives
      • 1) organisation of gender
        • norms, moral development, social control, relational concerns, reproductive/ social/ physical concerns
      • 2) access to opportunities
        • sexism, skills, crime associates, setting
      • 3) motivations
        • taste for risk, self control, costs, benefits, stressful events
      • 4) context
        • setting, victim offender relationships, weapons
    • argues against white collar crime and more shoplifting, property crime and substance misuse
      • crimes that are everyday opportunities
        • shopping/ paying bills/ cheques
      • crimes not associated with occupational position
    • trends in female drug dependency
      • amplifies income crime
        • motivational push to deviate
    • increased economical vulnerability and inequality
      • survival needs; entrapment; victimization
    • always opportunities for women to commit crime
      • increased self serve market
        • increased security
          • increased arrest rates
    • court attitudes changing
      • more willing to sentence and arrest women
      • idea of chivalry less common


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