Piliavin et al (1969) Evaluation 

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  • Piliavin et al (1969) Evaluation
    • Ethics
      • Participants were not aware they were being observed
        • Debrief the participants
      • Participants did not give consent to participate in the experiment
        • Ask for consent/ Place posters around the subway station explaining that there will be an experiment taking place
      • Participants did not have the right to withdraw
        • Debrief the participants giving them a chance to have their data removed
    • Sample and Sampling method
      • Ethnocentric
        • repeat in multiple cities
      • Large Sample
      • High generalisability
      • equal gender and ethnic split
      • Conduct experiment at different times to include commuters
    • Research Method
      • Took place in a natural environment - field experiment
      • Involved manipulation of independent variables
      • Low Ecological Validity
    • Reliability
      • Low
    • Validity
      • Low inte0rater reliability
        • Put observer into critical area
        • Install CCTV Cameras
    • Quantitative and qualitative ddate
      • Quantitative date
      • no/little qualitative data
        • interview passengers after journey
    • Ecological Validity
      • High setting validity
      • High task validity
      • Sample
        • Ethnocentric
        • No Children or commuters
          • Change ties of experiment to include them
            • Ethnocentric


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