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  • Piggy
    • He is very intelligent, however has many physical disadvantages
      • asthmatic and  short sighted
      • He is the most mature out of the boys and see's the others as 'a crowd of kids' and ironically they are
    • Doesn't speak grammaticality  correct like the others and is from a different background
      • He isnt as well educcted as some of the other boys and is seen as an outsider
    • Pragmatic and like Ralph believes in civilised ways
      • Piggy and the conch are killed at the same time. Authority and Intelligence have been destroyed and nothing can stop jack taking control
    • embarrassed by his nickname and we don't actually get to know his real name
    • He is kind and considerate to the 'littleluns' . helps 'birth mark' talk about the snake and Percival about the beast




This is a very nice mind map! In school we are doing an essay about Piggy and this helps a lot! Congratulations for such a great work!

Paul Dutton


A really useful mind map about Piggy, brief but contains some good points. 



this is a dreadful source of information I can't stress this enough

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