Physics Topic 4 TAKE THREE

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    • Atomic structure
      • Alpha particle scattering - fire alpha particles at thin gold sheet
        • assumptions: most of atom empty space as most alpha particles passed straight through. positive charge is centred in one place because some alpha particles deflected back at very large angles and finally most of positive mass in a tiny central nucleus- few alpha particles repelled
      • Protons+ nuetrons = nucleons
        • numberof protons= proton/atomic number- determines which element
        • Atoms go same element with different atomic number= isotope
      • Photoelectric effect -  energy supplied to electrons in order for them to escape the surface of a metal
      • Thermeonic emmision - the release of electrons out the metal through heating
    • Electrons from atoms
    • Particle Acceleraters
    • Particle Detection
    • Particle interactions


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