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What Goes Around Comes Around
Pendulums move repeatedly in one direction and then in the opposite
Passing through its rest position (also known as equilibrium position)
Displacement of the object from this equilibrium position continually changes with
time during the motion, following the shape of a sine or cosine graph…

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Solving SHM equation

x = Acos(2f t)

To solve needs to find a series of values of x which fit the equation. The equation is the
equation of the curve of displacement against time (the cosine graph)
o Max value of sine/cosine graph is 1
o So if cos(2ft) equals…

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T = 2 m
This can also be easily turned into the equation for frequency due to the link between them:

1 k
f = 2 m

Damping and Resonance:

Damping originates due to frictional forces and always opposes the motion of an object
The presence of constant…

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o For an undamped or lightly damped system there must be a periodic force applied at
the same natural frequency as that of the object
o Damping must dissipate less energy than the applied force provides the object with
For an object to resonate mechanical or electrical energy must build…


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