Physics Required Practical: Acceleration

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  • Physics Required Practical: Acceleration
    • Method 1: The Effect of Force With Constant Mass
      • 1. On a surface, set up the equipment as follows; a pulley on a clamp, string and a trolley with a U-shaped interrupt card attached.
        • 2. Mark at least 5 straight lines across the surface. They should be an equal distance apart.
          • 3. Place 300g of mass on the trolley. Add 100g of mass (1 N of force) to the hook and hold the trolley at the start line.
            • 4. Start the stopwatch as you release the trolley and press 'lap' as the trolley passes each line on the surface. Record the times at each distance for the applied force of 1 N.
              • 5. Take a 100g mass off the trolley and add it to the hook so the applied force is now 2 N. Measure the time taken for each segment again.
                • 6. Repeat step 4 up to 4 N of force so all four 100g masses are on the hook and there are no masses on the trolley.
                  • 7. Calculate the acceleration of your trolley in each segment, for each force.
    • Method 2: The Effect of Mass With a Constant Force
      • 1. Set up the same equipment as Method 1.
        • 2. Using the results from Method 1, choose an appropriate number of masses to hang on the string to accelerate the trolley along the track.
          • 3. Place 400g of mass on the trolley. Add your chosen mass to the hook and hold the trolley in place at the 'start line'.
            • Repeat the experiment, recording the results. Then repeat the experiment again with fewer masses on the car. Don't change the mass hanging on the string.
    • In Method 1, masses that aren't on the hook adding to the force accelerating the trolley need to be attached to/on the trolley.
      • This makes sure that the total mass experiencing acceleration remains the same throughout your experiment.


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