The physical effects of earthquakes

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  • Physical Effects of Earthquakes
    • Ground movement
      • Vibrations travel through the ground
      • Larger amplitude waves = More damage
    • Damage to structures
      • Walls collapsing from bricks seperating along the mortar
      • Floors seperating from wall causing them to "pancake"
      • Bridges seperate from piers
      • Pipes can seperate and leak
    • Liquefaction
      • Water seperates from solid particles in deposits like soil/sand
      • Houses can end up flooded and cause damage
    • Landslips
      • Steep slope + high rainfall = Unstable after earthquake
      • Loss of life from burial and also hamper rescue attempts
    • Aftershocks
      • Structures weakened by main quake can collapse through these
      • Cause further damage and worse for rescue workers
    • Tsunamis
      • From bodily displacement of a large volume of water
      • Speed of up to 700km/hr
      • Sea drains away from shore-line before tsunami strikes


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