Physical and Human Causes of Climate Change

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  • Causes of Climate Change
    • Natural Causes
      • Milankovitch Cycles
        • Stretch - Path of Earth changes from circle to ellipse every 96000 years.
        • Tilt - Earth changes angle. Changes over about 41000 years.
        • Wobble - Axis wobbles around in a circle - cycle of 22000 years.
        • Affects distance from sun, changing amount of solar radiation.
        • Tilt and wobble change amount of sun received at different times of the year.
      • Sunspots on the Sun's Surface.
        • Increase the sun's energy output.
        • Cycles of 11 years.
        • Climate may get cooler if there aren't any.
        • This is thought to have a minimal impact.
      • Volcanic Activity
        • Material into atmosphere.
        • Particles reflect rays back to space.
        • Short term changes, eg. Mt. Pinatubo eruption caused global cooling.
    • Greenhouse Effect
      • We need the natural effect to survive on Earth.
        • Natural atmospheric gases act like an insulator.
        • Gases trap the heat- short wavelengths get reflected back to Earth.
        • Carbon Dioxide and methane.
      • Human Influenced
        • Farming livestock produces methane.
        • Rice Paddies - Flooded fields emit methane.
        • Burning fossil fuels for energy.
        • Deforestation- removal of trees that photosynthesise.
        • Cement- made from limestone. Contains carbon which is released as CO2 when produced.


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