Philip Larkin Context

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  • Philip Larking
    • Childhood
      • Born 9th August 1922
      • Born in Coventry
      • Family
        • Older sister called Kitty
        • Father was a self made man
        • Father had an enthusiasm for Nazism
      • Isolated childhood - friends ands family rarely visited
      • Developed a stammer
    • Education
      • Home educated until 8 by his mother
      • Attended Coventry's King Henry VIII Junior School
        • Made close and long lasting friendships
      • Progressed to King Henry VIII Senior School
      • Attended Oxford University to study English
        • Achieved a first class honours degree
    • Working Life
      • Appointed librarian in Shropshire in 1943
      • Sub librarian at Belfast in 1950
      • Librarian at University of Hull 1955 - death
      • Often wrote poetry whilst at work
    • Poetry
      • Declined an OBE for his work
      • Influenced by William Butler Yeats in the mid 40s
      • Described as combining an "an ordinary, colloquial style" with a  "quiet, reflective tone"
      • Thomas Hardy contributed to  the maturity of his poetry
      • Plain and sceptical
      • Initially concentrated on fiction
      • Wrote about "ordinary people doing ordinary things"
    • Persona
      • Deep passion for jazz
      • Known  misogynist and racist
      • Disliked fame
      • No nonsense, solitary
      • Gloomy, miserable perona
      • Opposed to having children


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