Peter Berger

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  • Peter Berger
    • Sacred Canopy
      • sociology of religion
      • Humans fashion the world by their own activity
        • Socially constructed ordering of experience
          • This is called the 'Nomos'
    • The Nomos is made up off..
      • Externalising
        • Humans have a weak instinct so are forced to chose how to behave
        • Humans develop ideas and make choices on how to behave
        • We are at risk of becoming 'out of balance' when there is change
      • Objectivation
        • create a stable picture of the world
        • Develop and impose order on the world
          • Made applicable to all people
        • Away to keep out of "..terror that would otherwise engulf us if we didn't have this order"
      • Socialisation
        • How to act accordingly
        • society tells us what to do
          • Our role in life
      • Internalisation
        • Everyone must accept principles, societies view on the world and how we should live it
        • "...Nomos is our shield against terror"
    • Anomy
      • Without nomos
        • Worst thing for society
        • To avoid this society makes nomos as strong as possible
          • Societies adopt religious principles to underpin their nomos
            • Religion
              • Solution for when things go wrong
              • Gives meaning to dreams and visions
              • Learn how to behave by following rituals to remind us the true way of life
              • gives meaningful order and peace to the cosmos (universe)
              • Based on claims of absolute and universal truths


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