Person in later adulthood.

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  • Person in later adulthood.
    • Cause: Age
    • PIESF ON THEMSELVES: P- Impairment function in joints, Frail, Tired. I- Tiredness, Learning new skills, Unable to attend clubs and activities, E- Fear, Worry, Low Self-esteem, Alone, S - Loss or reduced contract with friends, Partner may have passed away, F- Loss of employment/ Reduced hours.
    • PIESF ON OTHERS: P- Can't exercise looking after elderly, Tired, I- Unable to concentrate due to worry, E- Worry, Upset, Stress, S- Unable to visit friends, Unable to go away for long periods of time, F- Money from travelling to and from home, Cost of Care Home.
    • Barriers: Education: Poor Provision, Employment: Lack of Opportunity - Flexibility, Discrimination,  Forced to retire, Societal: Social Exclusion, Prejudice and Discrimination, Low expectations of ability. Economic:  Unaware of benefits available, Lack of benefits - unable to cover cost of care, Environmental: Difficult to travel, Unable to access places without lifts or escalators.
    • Risks: Bullying, Abuse, Stress, Isolation.
    • Safeguarding - Legislation: Equality act, Mental Capacity act, Mental Health act, Care Standards act.
    • Safeguarding - Policies: Bullying Policy.
    • Safeguarding - Service Provision: Residential Care, Day Care - Something to do during the day, Supported accommodation.
    • Safeguarding - Practitioners: G.P., Community Nurse, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Personal Care assistant, Health Visitor, Officer in charge, Residential Nursing Home Warden, Residential Nursing Home Nurse, Care Assistant, Domiciliary Care worker, Speech and Language therapist.


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