Perseus advanture

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  • Perseus' Quest
    • 1. Polyductes tricked Perseus into getting the head of Medusa by staging a fake wedding and asking all the men to bring horses.
    • 2. Perseus was too poor to have a horse so he said to polyductes that he would bring him anything. Polyductes then asked for  Medusa's head. Perseus accepted.
    • 3. Luckily the gods helped him out again: Hermes gave him a sharp sickle to behead her.
    • 4.Athena gave him her shiny shield so he would not have to look at medusa. athena also told him where to find the graeae
    • 5. Hades gave him his helmet of darkness and some winged sandals.
    • 6.When Perseus fround the graeae,three hags who shared one eye and one tooth betweeen them. perseus grabbed the eye and didn't give it back till they told him where medusa was
    • 7. when perseus found the gorgon's lair he crept up, invisible,while they were sleeping. suddenly he chopped off medusa's head and stuffed it in his bag.
    • 8. when medusa's sisters herd her cry they came rushing out, but they were too late as perseus had already flown off.
    • 9. on the way home perseus saw a pretty girl tied to a rock. the girl, andromeda, told him that her parents had boasted of her beauty and that the gods were sending a sea monster to ravage the land. the only way to rid the land of the monster was to sacrifice andromeda to the monster
    • 10. her parents said that perseus could marry her if he killed the monster. perseus then killed the sea monster. also he froze her uncle as he tried to stop perseus.
    • 11. When perseus returned to seriphos he froze polyductes and his subjects, he freed his mother and he made dictys the king.
    • 12. perseus went to look for his grandfather. on the way he stopped for a discus competition he threw the discus do far that is killed a man in the audience. this man was king acrisius


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