Talcott Parsons and education

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    • The school acts as a bridge between the home and the workplace
      • The school prepares children and students for being able to get along with other people
        • School enables kids to master the national language and also to fit in with new natural rhythms and to learn the value consensus.
          • Schools are crucial in ROLE ALLOCATION and they provide a variety of skilled people for a variety of jobs.
            • Talcott Parsons believed that the career paths encouraged by schools were chosen though what skills and interests you have.
      • The home views the child in a particular way and are valued simply as a son or daughter, without having to show any signs of having a special talent.
      • The workplace assesses people by their standards of skill, conformity to authority, punctuality and workplace rules.
    • He believed that the role of the school was crucial to developing a successful workforce, and this was done through a meritocracy.
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