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Revision on the functionalist role
of education
Key theorists of
David & Moore
Blau and Duncan
SCLY2 ­ Education…read more

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Emile Durkheim
· Identified two functions of education which are;
1. Creating Social Solidarity
2. Teaching Specialist Skills
1 ­ Creating Social Solidarity is where education systems
are giving children both shared norms and values in
order to prepare them for wider society
2 ­ Teaching Specialist Skills is where some will get a
good job and some wont because of their ability. By
teaching these skills each person will need to have
necessary knowledge aswell as skills in order to
perform these roles.…read more

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Talcott Parsons (1961)
· Identifies 3 major functions that school and education
performs they are;
1. Acts as a bridge between family and wider society
2. Education helps to ease transition into wider society
3. Helps allocate people to their position in society
1 - The bridge gap is what children don't learn from their
family an example would be manners if they don't learn
this from their family then when they go into education
and then learn rules aswell as manners within the
2 - Helps to socialise young people into the basic values of
society by sifting and sorting them according to their
3 ­ Exam systems judge all pupils on merit.…read more

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Talcott Parsons (1961)
What does he believe about education?
· Exam systems judges all pupil on merit, and school
rules such as wearing uniform are applied equally to all
· Helps to socialise young people into basic values of
Identifies that young people are judged on
particularistic and universalistic standards:
· Particularistic ­ children are treated as an individual.
· universalistic ­ children are judged more on a wider
basis such as in exams all children are judged upon the
same mark schemes. Universalistic standard dominate
in wider society.…read more

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Davis and Moore (1945)
· Similar to Talcott parsons view upon education.
· Focus on the relationship between education and
social inequality.
· Davis and Moore ague that the education sifts and
sorts children according to their ability such as those
who do best academically get the best jobs.
· Argue that the most talented students get the bets
qualification which they benefit from in wider society.
Because their functionally then are able to get into
important jobs which offer high rewards.…read more

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Peter Blau and Otis
Duncan (1978)
· Argue that meritocratic education systems
makes sure that the best is always offered by
allocating young people to those jobs that are
best suited to their abilities.…read more

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