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Murdock (1949)




"No society...has succeeded in finding an adequate substitute for the nuclear is highly doubtful whether any society will succeed in such an attempt"

Murdock, Social Structure, New York

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Murdock (1949)


Murdock (1949) looked at 250 societies in different cultures

Argued that the family performed four basic functions:

  • Sexual - provides a stable sexual relationship for adults 
  • Reproductive - provides new babies - new members of society 
  • Economic - the family pools resources and provides for all its members
  • Educational - family teaches children the norms and values of society 
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Talcott Parsons (1950s)




Talcott Parsons - 1950s

Argued that the family has two basic and vital functions:


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Olly Stark


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Chee Shu Yee


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