party system of post-restoration France

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  • Party system of post-restoration France
    • Ultras
      • Charles X as leader
      • Pro-monarchy
      • Reviving society of orders rather than a class system supported by moderate royalists
      • Extreme political measures to benefit royalists against liberals
    • Liberals
      • Opposed to formal social privilege
      • National sovergnity
      • Given much support
      • Strongly anti-clerical
      • Benjamin constant - most eminent intellectual
      • Lafayette, most potent symbol
        • Cabonari
          • Aimed for popular insurrection
      • For form's sake professed loyalty to Louis but members were fundamentally hostile to the Bourbons
      • Untitled
      • Given much support and direction from two powerful bankers
        • Perier
        • Laffitte
      • Within chamber advocated strictly consituional opposition, outside it, they did not. Close linkes with Bonaparists and through them the army - possbility to seize power.
      • Cabonari
        • Aimed for popular insurrection
    • Moderate royalists
      • Consistently divided into centre-right and centre-left
        • Centre right
          • Pact with Ultras , when government under pressure
          • Richelieu - intelligent, moderation as a virtue itself, prime minister twice, dominant figure
          • Pragmatically prepared to accept post revolutionary French society. No sympathy for revolution
        • Centre left
          • Accepted changes of revolution on principle rather than necessity
          • Decazes
            • Intellectuals at core who Decazes sought advice from but didn't always follow their recommendati-ons
              • Royar-Collard
              • Barante
              • Remusat
              • Gizot
  • "doctrinaries"
    • Barante
    • Royar-Collard
    • Remusat
    • Gizot


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