Pair Production

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  • Pair Production
    • Magnetic field
      • Magnetic field is constantly down
      • Motion is perpendicular to the current (movement of electrons)
      • Electron will therefore constantly move at 90°, circular motion
        • Loss of Ek through movement causes a weaker centripetal force
          • Particle will spiral
    • Calculations
      • E=mc^2
        • Double the mass of the produced particle multiplied by the speed of light squared = minimum energy required
      • E=hf
        • Is the frequency of photon needed
      • C=f multiplied by wavelength
        • so wavelength of photon is c/f
    • Between charged plates
      • Particle attracts to the charged plate
        • E.g electron to the cathode, positron to the anode
      • Faster moving particles
        • Influenced by the plates for less time
          • Pulls the particle toward the plate but they do not collide
      • Uncharged particles are not affected
    • Conditions
      • Photon must pass close to a massive object
      • Photon must have at least the Eo of the produced particle and antiparticle
      • Any 'spare' energy will become Ek


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