paediatric blood testing

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  • Paediatrics
    • lab handling of small samples
      • insufficient volume to perform tests
      • evaporation
    • Paediatric reference ranges
      • influenced by:
        • Age eg. ALP
        • Gender eg. oestradiol, testosterone
        • size eg. creatinine
        • maternal influence eg. IgG/IgA
        • prematurity eg. alpha-fetoprotein
        • feeding regime eg. ALP
        • growth eg ALP
        • organ maturity eg. bilirubin
    • issues with sample collection
      • blood sample
        • difficult to bleed
        • usually capillary collection not normal venepuncture
        • small blood volume
        • high haemocrit
      • urine sample
        • impractical
        • contamination


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