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  • Irony
    • Ozymandias
      • Structure & Form
        • sonnet
          • no regular sonnet  rhyme scheme
            • reflecting how human power and structures can be destroyed
            • iambic pentameter but also disrupted
        • iambic pentameter but also disrupted
      • percy Bysshe Shelly
        • a romantic poet
        • disliked monarchies, absolute power and oppression of ordinary people
      • Ending
        • "boundless and bare the lone and level sands stretch far away"
          • suggests feeling of empty space in surrounding desert
            • vast desert survives longer than statue
              • shows insignificance
      • pride
        • refers to himself as "king of kings"
        • tells other rulers to look at his "works" and "despair"
    • "shatter’d visage"
    • "decay of that colossal wreck"
      • human power is temporary
        • "shatter’d visage"
        • even the most powerful human cant control the damaging effects of time


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