Overview of Charles' reign 1625-1629

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  • Overview of Charles' reign 1625-1629
    • Tonnage and Poundage = a tax of import and exports.
      • House of commons was cautious to supply Charles with money as Buckingham was directing him.
    • King's Favourites
      • Duke of Buckingham purged and removed anyone who was not a supporter of Charles. He removed many important people forcing the country to see him as manipulative.
      • Thomas Wentworth opposed some aspects of Charles rule and was put into prison for refusing to pay the forced loan
        • He then became one of Charles' chief ministers.
      • Caidz expedition was an attempted naval expedition against Spain by England and the Dutch. The Duke of Buckingham wanted to undertake the expedition that would match the exploits of the raiders of the Elizabeth era and return respects to the country and its people after the political stress of the years before hand.
    • Parliaments
      • 1626 England was at war with Spain so Charles needed more money.
        • He called his second parliament and in upcoming elections Charles appointed some of his leading opponent sherrifs so they couldn't become MP's
          • This was to protect Buckingham as he was one of the most hated men in England due to his foreign policy.
      • 1629 Two remonstrance (petitions to the King). This outlined that the rescusancy laws against Catholics be enforced and no favoritism be shown towards arminism and Calvinist ministers.
        • Three resolutions 1629: A group became insistent that the King planned to dismiss parliament.
          • When Charles went to leave he was stopped by the Eliot group who barred the door and stopped the speaker leaving until he passed the Three resolutions.
            • These were, Anyone bringing in popery or Arminianism should be held a "capital enemy of the King" Anyone who advised the king to collect tonnage and poundage was an enemy as well as those who paid it.
    • Problems of Administration
      • Financial
        • Charles dissolved parliament in 1626 and still had much debt to pay off to fund war with Spain.
          • To help he: Sold £350,000 worth of crown land to City of London Merchants and Financiers
            • However this played an important role in royal revenue
              • Courtiers warned Charles that parliament would not grant money so he needed to find another way of raising it.
                • This was by Benevolence and few were likely to refuse this as they were under royal command
                  • Forced loan 1626: All those who normally paid parliamentary subside were pressured by commissioners to lend money
      • Illiterate population
        • Only a small % could read and write
          • Very few could vote so unable to make way up social ladder.
      • Favors could buy support
        • Buckingham gained enemies at court and many believed he monopolized patronage
          • No-one could gain office or advance in the career without approval from Buckingham.
            • Patronage was the only was to gain promotion


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