Outline and evaluate explanations of conformity

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  • Outline and evaluate explanations of conformity.
    • AO1
      • Types of conformity
        • Compliance
          • Going along with others to go gain approval or avoid the dissapproval
        • Internalisation
          • Going along with others because of an acceptance of their point of view
        • WHY?
          • Normative social influence = the desire to be liked
          • Informatioal social influence = the desire to be right
    • A02
      • Bullying - the power of normative social influence has been demonstrated.
        • Garandeau and Gilessan (2006) showed how children with a low level of friendship can be manipulated by a skilful bully.
      • political opinion- Research has supported the important role that informational social influence
        • Fein  et  al  (2007) showed how judgements of candidate performance in US presidential election debates could be influenced by knowledge of the reactions of the majority.


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